After selling out twice this season a third shipment of our popular “G-tools” has arrived. Limited quantities now available while supplies last.

These are complete cultivation units for one row, weeding near the row and in row. The included tools are intended for transplanted crops, and, maturing direct seeded crops in well prepared soils. The included side knives will cover approximately 6” to 8” to either side of one row. These tools are intended for use on small, max 23hp, cultivating tractors in prepared soils.
Additional tools are available for different crops and growing systems. Special side knives for early cultivation of directed seeded crops are often added, as well as sweeps and longer crossbars for later season and mid row.
The different models are for tractors having different lift heights and tools bars.
The Model #110 has an adjustable angle head for AC G ¾” x2” flat tool bar and comes with 4” parallelogram links.
The Model #120 is for mounting on Tuffbilts (see toolbar, part number NG xxx), Ooguns (toolbar available from the factory) and Farmall Cubs (toolbar locally fabricated). These all mount on a 1 ½” square toolbar and angle adjustment is with the tractor lift mechanism. These tractors have less lift travel so these tools have 3” parallelogram links.
The Model #125 is for mounting on the Farmall A thru 274 series, as well as clones (Case 265, Ford 1710 Offset, JD 900HC, Kubota 245HC, etc). It also could be mounted on Farmall C thru 240 series. These tractors have more lift travel, so tools are equipped with 4” parallelogram links. A 1 ½” square tool bar will need to be fabricated locally. We can help you with design.
For multiple rows additional units can be mounted on one toolbar, depending on the space limitations of the tractor. Minimum row spacing is 12”. For row spacing greater than 14” additional sweeps and longer crossbars may be needed to cover the middles.

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